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Are You Searching For Therapeutic Massage In Ottawa, Ontario?

A Message From Harmony Physiotherapy:

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of These Questions,

You’re In The Right Place!

At Harmony massage therapy, you will release tension in tight muscles, stimulate inactive muscles, reduce unwanted Stiffness, & Get Rid of Recurring Headaches, Naturally Without Any Nasty Side Effects.

You will relieve chronic pelvic pain, pregnancy pain and postpartum pain.

We Offer:

“I worked with Veronica for about a year and had a great experience. Thoughtful, gentle and kind, Veronica makes the effort to look at your health holistically, considering what other factors may be contributing to your pain or discomfort. Listen to her when she asks if you want to try dry needling—it hurts in the moment but it helps so much in the long run! The clinic is clean, well spaced, and staff are always properly masked leaving a safe environment during the pandemic.”
Tia B.

There’s A Lot Of Bad Advice Out There About Therapeutic Massage...

FALSE Beliefs…

The TRUTH Is...

At Harmony Massage Therapy, We Deal With Many Different Concerns…

“I was one year PP with so much pain in my lower back, discomfort in my abdomen and an uncoordinated/weak pelvic floor. Within the first visit the lower back and hip pain were gone. It took a few months for the abdomen and pelvic floor but the freedom and confidence have been immeasurable. So much knowledge and very personable.”
Tina T.

At Harmony Physio, We’ve Created A 3 Step Process To Therapeutic Massage:


We Listen To Your Story

Finding the help you need for your aches and pains can be exhausting.

Before coming to us, it’s likely you’ve tried everything from chiropractic care, other massage therapists, pain medications, and even surgery.

No matter what you try, you still seem to find yourself struggling with the same aches and pains.

That’s why our first step is to have a conversation with you and give you the time to tell your story.

We’ll listen to your pressing concerns with open ears so that we can get you the honest answers you’ve been seeking, no matter how long you’ve been suffering.

That way we’ll have a deep understanding of what’s going on, not just with your problem areas, but with your whole body and how it’s impacting your life.


We Find The Root Cause Of Your Pain

At Harmony Physiotherapy, we’ve worked with hundreds of women before you, and we know that every person’s cause of aches and pains are different and can impact them in different ways.

Your aches and pains might feel like you’ll just have to live with it forever, but it’s not true!

We’ll use our experience and knowledge to take a deep dive together into your specific problem and find out what’s really going on.

That way we’ll discover the original cause of your aches and pains, and be able to find a lasting solution so you don’t have to suffer anymore.


We Create A Custom Solution For You

After we hear all about your concerns, the treatments you’ve tried, and what you want to get back to, we’ll use it to create a customized plan of care.

We’ll let you know how we can help, exactly what care will look like, and how long it will take to feel better again.

Then we’ll get rid of your aches and pains and work together to get you back to what matters most.

Finally, Get Relief From Your Aches And Pains And Feel Like Yourself Again!

You don’t have to sacrifice the activities you love over problems that can be fixed.

Let’s chat about how you can feel like yourself again.


Richa Rehan