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Is pain with penetration preventing you from getting a Pap test?

As we kick off the new year, let’s also pledge to take good care of our health. January is Cervical Health Awareness Month and a great time to educate ourselves on matters pertaining to our own bodies & anatomy.
Cervical cancer begins in the reproductive organs located below your belly button and between your hip bones alongside ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulvar cancer.
If you are an adult with internal reproductive organs (a uterus, cervix, & vagina), chances are you have heard the term “Pap test” or “Pap smear.”
Why are Pap tests so important? Because they help detect precancerous changes in our cervix before it becomes cancer – saving lives! But what if you can’t tolerate a gynecological exam with a speculum?
Pain during penetration can make it difficult for some individuals to receive a Pap test, which is a screening test for cervical cancer. This can be caused by a variety of pelvic floor issues like vaginismus, vulvodynia and vestibulitis or a history of sexual trauma.
Pelvic floor disorders, like vaginismus, vulvodynia and vestibulitis can make it challenging for people with vagina to comfortably perform any form of insertion into the vagina. These conditions may manifest as intense burning or stinging sensations, extreme discomfort or feeling like one is “hitting a wall” when attempting vaginal penetration, whether it’s with tampons, a penis, or speculum tools.
These are all conditions that are treatable at Harmony Physiotherapy. Our therapy approaches in conjunction with your healthcare team can help restore your ability to take care of your reproductive health as well as your sexual health and pleasure.
If you are worried about getting a Pap test done because of pelvic pain or another pelvic condition, working with our team will help you learn techniques to relax your pelvic floor muscles, stretches to ease pelvic floor tension, and make your Pap test easier.
You can book a 1:1 free consultation with us and discuss your symptoms through our convenient online booking system or by getting in touch with our team at the clinic.  At Harmony Physiotherapy, we are experts in Pelvic Physiotherapy. We are here to get you on the path to a full and healthy recovery!

Richa Rehan

Harmony Physiotherapy

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