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Peeing 101

Poor urinary habits can lead to poor bladder control. Let’s talk about how to empty your bladder correctly and prevent pelvic floor issues.
Most people might think, what is there to learn about how to pee? It’s something you just go and do! But no, I’m here to tell you that there is a correct way to pee, and this will also save you from the discomfort of bladder control issues down the road.

What are good bladder habits?

  • Maintain a normal urinary frequency of 5-7 times in a day and 0-1 times throughout the night (though during pregnancy, urinary frequency increases)
  • Only go to the toilet when your bladder is full and you need to go. No ‘just in case’ peeing – more on this later!
  • Breathe and relax your pelvic floor when you urinate. This helps your bladder to empty out fully. 

What Not To Do When Peeing

  • No power peeing: 

    • Do not try to push your pee out stronger, faster, or more forcibly. Let your bladder empty at its natural pace.
  • No just-in-case peeing: 

    • Do you ever head to the bathroom on your way out the door “just in case?” “Just in case” peeing is not good for your bladder, as you don’t give your bladder a chance to fill completely. Over time, your bladder will begin to tell you that you need to pee before it’s full, and it will happen earlier and earlier. You essentially create a hyper-sensitive bladder which can cause more urgency and frequent trips to the toilet in the future.
  • No hovering on the toilet seat:

    • Sit down and relax on the toilet seat– don’t hover!
  • No glittery or fragrant products to clean your vulva:

    • Don’t use scented or glittery products on your vulva or urethra area, as this may irritate the area.

Have you tried these tips, but you still have bladder leakage, urgency, or pelvic pain issues?

You can book a FREE 1:1 consultation with us and discuss your symptoms. At Harmony Physiotherapy we are Experts in Pelvic Physiotherapy. We are here to get you on the path to a full and healthy recovery!

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