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Success Stories

Tia B.
“I worked with Veronica for about a year and had a great experience. Thoughtful, gentle and kind, Veronica makes the effort to look at your health holistically, considering what other factors may be contributing to your pain or discomfort. Listen to her when she asks if you want to try dry needling—it hurts in the moment but it helps so much in the long run! The clinic is clean, well spaced, and staff are always properly masked leaving a safe environment during the pandemic. The receptionist (I’m sorry I’m blanking on your name!) is friendly and knowledgeable, making billing quick and easy.”

“Veronica is amazing! Very knowledgeable and kind. She followed my speed and gave me homework to do at home. Her work was amazing because in a short period of time she fixed my problem and gave me instructions on how to maintain at home. Very happy with my experience! Thank you.”

Mona R.
“Very professional, excellent service, convenient location and parking. Beautiful and clean facility. “
Tina T.

“I was one year PP with so much pain in my lower back, discomfort in my abdomen and an uncoordinated/weak pelvic floor. Within the first visit the lower back and hip pain were gone. It took a few months for the abdomen and pelvic floor but the freedom and confidence have been immeasurable. So much knowledge and very personable.”

Sasha S.
“Only Male Pelvic Clinic in Ottawa. Great service and great help. Wish I had gone sooner.”
Erin R.

“This clinic is wonderful. I was treated for about 2.5 to 3 months for severe lower back and left hip pain. I went from barely being able to get out of bed to finally feeling normal again! I was amazed how quickly the injury improved even within the first couple of treatments. It was my first time experiencing dry needling and it worked like a charm. I also really appreciate the booking system, the appointment reminders, and the digital receipts. Highly recommend!”

Tatiana S.
“Veronica is an excellent physiotherapist! Extremely intelligent, and knowledgeable. She does things in a way that is easy to understand, and not overwhelming. It makes it easy to actually do my physiotherapy exercises almost everyday. The clinic uses PhysiApp, on which you can set reminders to do your exercises, and also has videos and break downs of all your exercises – so you won’t forget what she taught you to do! Really it is so great. I highly recommend this business. You can also book your appointments online if this is something for you. I haven’t tried it, so I just call to make appointments. Good luck to you all in your recovery! This is the way to go. I have fibromyalgia, and I’m making such great progress that I never thought would be possible.”
Jennie L.
“Harmony physio has been incredibly helpful in both my pregnancy and postnatal care. With their help I went from barely being able to walk to being able to play with my daughter without pain. I am very grateful to have received such compassionate and effective treatment.”
Danica T.
“The physiotherapists are kind, knowledgeable, and professional!”
Dwayne A.
“Outstanding customer service. Extremely informed and knowledgeable service providers. A warm, welcoming and secure clinic environment. Highly recommended for all, especially great for women’s health issues.”
Cissy G.
“Harmony Physiotherapy understood my immediate needs for postpartum recovery and performed a thorough assessment and effective treatment on my pelvic issue, as well as on post-surgery pain . I highly recommend them for patients with women’s health issues and will return for any future service.”
Leigha T.
“Veronica Lach has been fantastic! I started seeing her for pelvic floor, back and knee issues. She listens to everything I have to say and works with me to focus on the areas that need the most care. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with the wear and tear that pregnancy and taking care of babies causes. 5 stars!”
Renee M.
“I am eight months pregnant and had a pelvic assessment with Veronica. She explained everything so well and constantly checked in with me. Looking forward to our other sessions at Harmony.”
Kobe G.
“I saw Veronica, and she was amazing. She help me with my lower back , stiff neck and shoulders pain . I feel much better with the exercises she gave me to do.”
Dominique B.
“Veronica is so kind and patient, I am really appreciating the care and knowlege she is sharing with me during treatments :)”
Hilary C.
“I started seeing Veronica Lach 8 weeks pp to deal with all sorts of fun issues after giving birth. She had been absolutely incredible. She worked with me to deal with all of my issues and listened to what I had to say. She was extremely professional and was so patient when I had to bring my son (who did not like going to physio with me!). She also seamlessly transitioned to dealing with back and knee issues after a fall. She deals with you as a whole, not just as one specific issue. I feel like I now have a toolbox of strategies to help me in my healing journey.”
Rachel C.
Loved my experience here! Veronica is extremely nice and cares not just about the specific problem but likes to see the whole picture, such as stressful life events or what other conditions you may be dealing with. I feel much more confident in myself and now have the tools to maintain it. I highly recommend this place for any sort of pain or discomfort you may be dealing with, because life is so much better without it.

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