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Welcome To Harmony Physiotherapy

"We Help Women Through Pelvic Pain, Pregnancy, Postpartum And Beyond So They Can Live Active, Confident, And Healthy Lives With The Help Of Conservative Management."

Let Me Ask You…
At Harmony Physiotherapy
“I was one year postpartum with so much pain in my lower back, discomfort in my abdomen and an uncoordinated/weak pelvic floor. Within the first visit the lower back and hip pain were gone. It took a few months for the abdomen and pelvic floor but the freedom and confidence have been immeasurable.”
Tina T.

Who We Help

Busy Women & Moms

Who want to feel confident about being intimate again with their partners, even if things “haven’t been the same” down there since birth.

People Suffering From Pelvic Pain

Who fear being limited by their problem forever and not being able to enjoy their lives with their friends, family, or partner.

Pregnant Women

Who are preparing for their dream pregnancy and delivery, and want to remain active, in shape, and pain-free.

Postpartum Women

Who feel like their energy hasn’t come back since giving birth and need to find a way to keep up with their lives and kids.

Health Conscious Moms

Who want to figure out how to return to the daily activities they were doing before having their baby.

Men Struggling With Issues “Down There”

Who are struggling to find answers to improve their ED, pain after sex or during sitting, and other problems that aren’t always easy to talk about.

Busy Men & Dads

Who know that their family NEEDS them and living with pain isn’t tolerable when they yearn to have the energy for work AND play.

We Offer A Hands-On Approach To Your Wellness Using Our Clinic’s 3-Step Recovery Method


We Listen To Your Story

Finding the help you need for your pelvic health issues can be exhausting.

Before coming to us, it’s likely you’ve tried everything from chiropractic care, massages, pain medications, and even the latest self-help gadgets from TV.

No matter what you try, you still seem to find yourself struggling.

That’s why our first step is to have a conversation with you and give you the time to tell your story.

We’ll listen to your pressing concerns with open ears so that we can get you the honest answers you’ve been seeking, no matter how long you’ve been suffering.

That way we’ll have a deep understanding of what’s going on, not just with your problem areas, but with your whole body and how it’s impacting your life.


We Find The Root Cause Of Your Pain

At Harmony Physiotherapy, we’ve worked with hundreds of moms before you, and we know that every person’s cause of pain is different and can impact them in different ways.

Your pelvic health issue might feel too complicated, or that you’ll just have to live with pain and discomfort forever, but it’s not true!

We’ll use our experience and knowledge to take a deep dive together into your specific problem and find out what’s really going on.

That way we’ll discover the original cause of your pain or discomfort, and be able to find a lasting solution so you don’t have to suffer anymore.


We Create A Custom Solution For You

After we hear all about your concerns, the treatments you’ve tried, and what you want to get back to, we’ll use it to create a customized plan of care.

We’ll let you know how we can help, exactly what care will look like, and how long it will take to feel better again.

Then we’ll get rid of your pain and discomfort and work together to get you back to what matters most.

"Veronica is an excellent physiotherapist! Extremely intelligent, and knowledgeable. She does things in a way that is easy to understand, and not overwhelming. It makes it easy to actually do my physiotherapy exercises almost everyday. I highly recommend this business. Good luck to you all in your recovery! This is the way to go. I have fibromyalgia, and I'm making such great progress that I never thought would be possible."
Tatiana S.

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